Daniels, Babineau and Tuomela golden in Edmonton WPS

by Holly Bird on 27 Jul, 2018 11:17 • Español
Daniels, Babineau and Tuomela golden in Edmonton WPS

On a hot afternoon in Edmonton, Canadian Stefan Daniel and fellow compatriots Lauren Babineau and Jessica Tuomela earned first place honours during the World Paratriathlon Series race.

“I had a really good day,” said Stefan of his race experience. “I tried to have an aggressive swim and bike really hard. It’s a different bike than I am used to, going up that hill six times. Having the home support was really helpful as well.”

Daniel chuckles when asked about his rival Martin Schulz who finished sixty seconds after him in second place in the PTS5 class. “We bring out the best in each other, it’s always nice to race against the best. He’s really motivated, I’m really motivated.” Alexandr Ialchik (RUS) rounded out the PTS5 Men’s podium in third.

On the PTS5 Women’s race Grace Norman (USA) was victorious. “I had a good race, I really gave it all on the bike. Coming in to this race I had a heavy bike focus and worked on my climbing which really played to my advantage.”

Norman was delighted with the spectator support. “I love racing here, the course is always clean and there were a ton of spectators at the top of that hill, which is really appreciated. It’s a really well run race.” Canadian Kamylle Frenette finished second behind Norman in the women’s PTS5 race.

Americans Allysa Seely and Hailey Danz went one two on the PTS2 women’s race.  Fellow countryman Mark Barr won the men’s PTS2 race, with Maurits Morsink (NED) and Vasily Egorov (RUS) rounding out the podium.

Irish athlete Cassie Cava won the women’s PTS4 division. On the men’s side Oliver Dreier (AUT), Mikhail Kolmakou (RUS) and Hideki Uda (JPN) went top three.

The PTVI divisions featured a number of Canadian podiums including Jessica Tuomela, who was victorious over Americans Elizabeth Baker and Amy Dixon. Five-time Australian National Champion Jonathan Goerlach bested Aaron Scheidies (USA) and Jon Dunkerley (CAN) followed behind in third.

Wakako Tsuchida of Japan and Alexandre Paviza of France were the winners of the PTWC classification. Emily Tapp (AUS) and Brenda Osnaya Alvarez (MEX) finished in the silver and bronze positions in the women’s race and Ahmed Andaloussi (FRA) and Jumpei Kimura (JPN) in the silver and bronze on the mens side.

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27 - 29 Jul, 2018 • event pageall results
Results: PTWC Men
1. Alexandre Paviza H1 FRA 01:07:43
2. Ahmed Andaloussi H1 FRA 01:09:30
3. Jumpei Kimura H1 JPN 01:09:47
4. Benjamin Lenatz H1 GER 01:12:59
5. Fernando Aranha H2 BRA 01:16:16
Results: PTWC Women
1. Wakako Tsuchida H2 JPN 01:19:16
2. Emily Tapp H1 AUS 01:26:48
3. Brenda Osnaya Alvarez H1 MEX 01:45:04
Results: PTS2 Men
1. Mark Barr USA 01:09:19
2. Maurits Morsink NED 01:09:29
3. Vasilii Egorov RUS 01:11:11
4. Mohamed Lahna ITU 01:11:48
5. Geoffrey Wersy FRA 01:15:10
Results: PTS2 Women
1. Allysa Seely USA 01:21:54
2. Hailey Danz USA 01:23:02
3. Yukako Hata JPN 01:28:20
4. Melissa Stockwell USA 01:29:09
Results: PTS4 Men
1. Oliver Dreier AUT 01:06:34
2. Mikhail Kolmakov RUS 01:06:48
3. Hideki Uda JPN 01:07:07
4. Jorge Luis Fonseca BRA 01:08:39
5. Hávard Vatnhamar DEN 01:10:54
Results: PTS4 Women
1. Cassie Cava IRL 01:34:30
Results: PTS5 Men
1. Stefan Daniel CAN 00:58:54
2. Martin Schulz GER 00:59:59
3. Alexandr Ialchik RUS 01:02:54
4. Guenther Matzinger AUT 01:04:22
5. Antoine Besse FRA 01:04:49
Results: PTS5 Women
1. Grace Norman USA 01:11:45
2. Kamylle Frenette CAN 01:12:06
Results: PTVI Men
1. Jonathan Goerlach B3 AUS 01:04:56
2. Aaron Scheidies B2 USA 01:05:31
3. Jon Dunkerley B1 CAN 01:07:50
4. Arnaud Grandjean B3 FRA 01:07:51
5. Alen Kobilica B1 SLO 01:08:22
Results: PTVI Women
1. Jessica Tuomela B1 CAN 01:14:59
2. Elizabeth Baker B3 USA 01:16:08
3. Amy Dixon B3 USA 01:18:02
4. Annouck Curzillat B1 FRA 01:22:12
5. Atsuko Maruo B2 JPN 01:22:45
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