The ITU has invested significant resources into the creation and development of a series of Coach Education courses and supporting online resources.  A large part of the remit of the ITU is to develop the sport of Triathlon.  The ITU delivers several coaching courses each year, but cannot deliver sufficient coaching courses to meet the needs of all the NFs and coaches around the world.  However, we are in a position to support NFs and enable them to start to set up their own Coach Education function.  This is where the Partnership Programme can help, and is aimed at making the most of the investment so far for the good of all.

The Partnership Programme is focussed on those NFs who don’t have full capability to create, develop or maintain their own Coach Education programs and courses.  The aim of this program is for the ITU to provide the online content, support and guidance to enable NFs to run coach education initiatives in their own country to help develop the sport.  There are a range of options as to how this can work, and they will vary depending upon the nature, needs and capabilities of an individual NF.  This could be in its simplest form an NF hosting courses in their own country run exclusively by existing ITU Accredited Facilitators to run courses, with the NF covering all the costs for running the course. At the other end of the spectrum in the Partnership Programme, the NF will work with the ITU to develop their own Facilitator workforce and processes, utilising the ITU online Education Hub.  The NF will again cover all the setup and ongoing costs of running these courses but will have greater control and flexibility in a variety of areas, such as how many courses they run.  This Partnership Programme is the key area covered by this guide.  The drive and direction for coach education activities within this programme is a shared concept between the NF and ITU.

For full details see the ITU Coach Education Partnership Programme Guide

Existing Partnerships

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